NORTH AMERICA Our emphasis on rural America has successfully reached out to assist those of greatest need: The homeless, the poor, indigenous native populations, the medically underserved. By strategically linking communities of success, with communities in need, the suffering is collaboratively reduced. To date we have reached out to Eastern, Western, and Northwestern rural communities, from Alaska to Georgia. Healthcare clinics are being constructed and doctors recruited to serve these facilities, using proven strategies pioneered by the Executive Director. In 1980 65% of Rural Georgia communities had not one doctor. Now, all have physicians and clinics. Their continued health is reliant on your help, as medicare and medicaid funds have dissipated. Rural America is the foundation of America. They need your help. They are America’s future.

SOUTH AMERICA SYNERGY is committed to helping children reach their potential. In the rural communities outside Rio de Janeiro families live on hillsides, in cardboard boxes, and wood shacks, without electricity, water, sewage or food. By coordinating with and supporting the Children of Light Foundation we get these children to school to acquire an education. In the past decade, 80 of these impoverished children and young adults have graduated from college. Their lives, and families are changed forever. Additionally, during the February 2021 COVID19 crisis in the Amazon, we networked nationwide to ship medical oxygen to communities where parents had died by the thousands, and children wandered the streets, as starving orphans. We helped keep them educated, alive, and fed.

SUB SAHARA AFRICA There are few regions of our planet where poverty, starvation, and disease are as rampant as Africa. Patterns of monetary inequality in Africa and other dimensions, including inequality of opportunity, intergenerational mobility in occupation and education, and extreme wealth in Africa all contribute. SYNERGY has co partners with the Consortium of 100 Sub Saharan African Medical School. We are coordinating an African continent wide IT network to link all African Medical Schools together to assist and benefit each other. Additionally, SYNERGY supports building new clinics for Womens healthcare in Benin, Africa. Lives are being saved, physicians are healing the afflicted. Children of Africa and their families are becoming healthy, and whole once again.

WESTERN EUROPE At the start of the 21st century, all European countries are faced with substantial inequalities in health within their populations. People with a lower level of education, a lower occupational class, or a lower level of income tend to die at a younger age, and to have a higher prevalence of most types of health problems. Working collaboratively with BAME in the UK, we are working to improve the healthcare of all socioeconomically disadvantaged, and medically underserved communities of color. Our growing initiative includes, UK, Australia, The Hague, and Subsaharan Africa. Our most comprehensive global collaboration, influence is being extended to WHO and the COVAX initiative. Lives are being saved through strategic international collaboration.

WEST INDIA The monthly health routines of women of India are fraught with both cultural and healthcare iniquities. Mavayna Manav “Mansi”, International Ambassador and member of the SYNERGY BOD has designed and deployed “Woman’s Reproductive Health” programs delivering sanitary products and information on reproductive health, in New Delhi, India. Mansi talks the talk and walks the walk. From this initiative, rates of infection and pelvic inflammatory disease have declined, resulting in a healthier population of women in East India. Co-partnered with identical initiatives in North America, this global collaboration improves the reproductive health of women worldwide. Women of the world deserve the best of healthcare. Everyone has a mom. We invite you to celebrate and support motherhood and women’s health, worldwide.

India is undergoing a COVID19 disaster of epic proportions. With positivity rates in the 17-30% rate, 1.6M cases in one week, India is poised for a human catastrophe of Bubonic Plague proportion. Orphaned children are hungry and homeless. SYNERGY Global Health Foundation is ON THE GROUND NOW in New Delhi, India. Our Mansi Manav has facilities open and ready for food distribution, and housing homeless kids. Help us help these children in need.

North American Project

Rural, medically underserved areas are especially in dire need of help in both the USA and abroad.

The state of Georgia as of Nov. 28 has 418,936 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 8,775 related deaths. There are 34,724 hospitalizations and 6,485 ICU admissions. There are 48,628 antigen-positive cases and 649 probable COVID-19 deaths.

El Paso, Texas, was still grieving the Walmart Shooting when the coronavirus arrived. Now, death has overwhelmed it. So many have died of covid-19 that the National Guard is helping move bodies.

In Benin, Africa, over a 3-day period, 1125 women died giving birth and 4833 newborns were deceased in West Africa. To have personnel, and adequate material and supplies, is necessary for the most basic of care – but it is insufficient. 

With your help, SYNERGY Global Health Foundation, can help you save lives.


“In 2018, 8.5 percent of Americans, or 27.5 million, did not have health insurance at any point during the year.“ – US Census Bureau


Engage Professional Societies of Scientists, Physicians, Healthcare Organizations, Wellness Initiatives and Government, to enhance through team organization the impact of “SYNERGY™” in sectors of need.


Produce informational and instructional Videos or Podcasts to communicate the utility of “SYNERGY™”, via direct to home communication of science, medicine, business, and wellness experts to the general public.
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