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Our SYNERGY™ Board of Directors is represented by world class scientists, medical professionals, humanitarians, and business leaders whose expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

Executive Director:

Dr. Brian W. Tobin, PhD, Ex Officio, CEO, Tobin Biomedical Consultants, LLC, and Founder, Well With The World™ Public Health Video Podcast Series.

Global Nutrition:

Dr. Gregory Miller, PhD, VP Sci Affairs National Dairy Council, Global Nutr Security Lead, Nutrition Scientist, Policy Advocate, Nat’l & Int’l Non-Profit Vol Leader, Global Healthcare.

Medicine – Global Pathology – CONSAMS:

Quentin Eichbaum M.D, Ph.D, MPH, MFA, MMHC, JD, MMEd, FACP, FASCP

Quentin Eichbaum was born in Namibia and initially studied law at the University of Cape Town before completing his MD, MPH, PhD/post doctoral studies at Harvard Medical School and MIT, and his clinical training at MGH in Boston. He is Professor of Pathology and Professor of Medical Education at Vanderbilt University. He serves on numerous national and international clinical, global health, education, and humanities committees and boards including the CUGH, AFREhealth, FAIMER/ECFMG, international Health Humanities Consortium (HHC), AABB Global Transfusion Forum, and AABB Global Standards Committee. He co-founded and serves on the Executive of the Consortium of New Sub-Sahara African Medical Schools (CONSAMS).


Dr. Marine LiPartia, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. In clinical practice for over 15 years, previously at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Medical Center. Special interest in nutrition, wellness, metabolic disorders. Founder and Director of NUMEO Medical. Humanitarian.

Healthcare Administration:

Dr. Frank G. Stout, trained at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Frank served as VP, and in multiple C-Level positions at TTUHSC, Dana Farber, Harvard, NEMC, University of MD, Tufts NEMC, and Emory University / Health Sciences Center. He was appointed to the UN Economic Commission for Latin America, World Intellectual Property Commission, GA Biomedical Partnership, Em Tech Biotech, American College of Healthcare Executives, and the TX Life Sci CIC for biotech development. Dr. Stout is amongst the most respected healthcare administrators in North America, and Worldwide.


Dr. Cedric Bryant, PhD, President & Chief Science Officer, American Council on Exercise, Leader, Organizer, Humanitarian, Nat’l Recognized Fitness & Lifestyle Medicine Expert.


Ann Schroeder, MBA, CEO & Founder – GlobalSource Partners, Inc., Global Needs Political and Analytical Specialist, Entrepreneur, Former Wimbledon Tennis Competitor.

Psychology, Mind-Body Health:

Dr. Janis Roszler, PhD, Instructor, International Institute of Clinical Sexology – Board Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and 2008-2009 Diabetes Educator of the Year (ADCES).

Nursing – Global Humanitarian Healthcare

Emina Arcan, BSN, RN

Emina Arcan is Director of Operations / Director of Nursing for Central Arizona Endoscopy and is a Nationally Recognized nursing leader. Nominee of 40 Fast and Future Leaders earning her a place of America’s Best Outpatient Surgical Centers in the Nation by Newsweek. Skilled in financial planning and budgeting exceeding EBITDA and profitability, marketing, improving metrics, team building, and quality of care. Believer of the “mother standard” to treat everyone as you would your own mother. Emina has a high sense of self-awareness encompassing those around her, empowering them, believing in themselves, and believe that what is inside of them is greater than any obstacle. Coming from a third-world overseas country, she is dedicated to excellence and tenacious beyond measure. Her passion as a humanitarian and leader is demonstrated by her remarkable ability to relate and connect to others – globally.

Global Humanitarian Outreach:

Mavayna Manav “Mansi”- She is a globally recognized humanitarian. She is State Chairperson,Youth Wing “NHRHF” and is Country Director “Regional” UYG UK. Mansi is Ambassadors for GGA USA, WYIMUN UK, Global Peace Malaysia, SPMUDA Philippines, Powerhouses Global UK, THAC Finland, World Peace Sweden, Asia Pacific International Model UN, UNECOSOC SCS SDC UNESC South Korea and many more. The recipient of many prestigious global humanitarian awards, she is simply, unstoppable.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Brian W. Tobin, Ph.D. – Executive Director and Founder.

– Dr. Tobin has a quarter century of expertise building new AAMC Medical Schools and has led as President, multiple prestigious national and international Professional Societies.

– As a Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine he was a Medical School Associate Dean, Department Chair and is a nationally recognized Scientist.

– For 25 years, Dr. Tobin trained Family Practice MDs for medically underserved communities.

– He is CEO, Tobin Biomedical Consultants, LLC, and Founder, Well With The World™ Healthcare Video Podcasts.

– Greatest Accomplishment: Brian is the proud father of Stacey and Daniel Tobin. Two intelligent, altruistic, and exceptional young adults in “Social Work” and “Environmental Science/Ecology”. Nothing is more important than family.

Photos of Dr. Brian Tobin, PHD